The CART system.

In a earlier post I’ve discussed the Items-Transactions-Contracts principle. Today, I am going to expand my views on this topic with the CART system, which is basically a system that can handle items, transactions and contracts. CART stands for Catalog, Actions, Rules and Templates. And yes, you might already see how ITC fits into CART. The… Continue reading The CART system.

Visual Studio 2012

Today, around dinner, the mailman arrived with a special package for me. An expensive one, but one that also makes me very happy. It was a big box containing a second box. The second box contained about 8 CD/DVD’s with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 professional on it. And two with Windows 8, one for 32-bits… Continue reading Visual Studio 2012

A generic data model.

A lot of developers will work on software that is doing some administrative tasks. And each and every developer will have to come up with a data model (or object model) which would contain everything they need. And most of the time, they will choose a model that solves their own specific situation but which… Continue reading A generic data model.