A very generic datamodel.

I’ve come up with several projects in the past and a few have been mentioned here before. For example, the Garagesale project which was based on a system I called “CART”. Or the WordChain project that was a bit similar in structure. And because those similarities, I’ve been thinking about a very generic datamodel that should be… Continue reading A very generic datamodel.

The challenge for the CART system.

In The CART datamodel I displayed the datamodel that would be required for the CART system. Basically, the data model would store the items, transactions and contracts while the templates will be stored in code, as XML structures that are serialized to objects and back again. As a result, I would split the relations from the data,… Continue reading The challenge for the CART system.

Code quality with NDepend

In the ICT branch, quality tends to be overlooked. Plenty of products need regular updates and patches to fix problems in the existing code. Problem is that the software market has many software developers who don’t have a good grasp on the concept of quality, because they’re afraid that writing quality code will slow them… Continue reading Code quality with NDepend